Being offered is a somewhat rare 1975 Topps Football 24 Count Rack box. The original Rack box is in Very Good, clean condition. It's not perfect. The yellow color is good & does not have any sun or fade damage. T are a total of 24 racks with 42 cards each. This equals to1,008 1975 Topps F.B. cards. Out of the 24 racks, one or more of the cards on the front /top of the rack is chipped / border damage on the bottom of the card. A majority of these are commons. I do not know what caused this other than the way they were stored in the rack box.

Stars on top or on the bottom of these racks, include Bleir, Blanda x2, Bell, Stabler. The Bleir is not chipped. It is however, off-center. The 3 back cards on all of the racks are problem free. Please note how the plastic wrap on these racks has curled on some from being stored a long time. I did not notice any rips in any of the plastic on any of the racks between the cards.

Actual Buy prices on these are usually $1,600 from large dealers for problem free boxes. This box & the racks are not perfect. These are guaranteed to be unsearched. I also saw a Sell price from a major dealer for $3,500. T were no pictures of the racks. I have shown all the racks. 's your chance to open these & see who you can find. This is from a smoke-free home.

Please ask any questions
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