2-1976 Two Dollar Bills "D&H" STAR RARE LOW Rare #s

2 - $2 Bills - 1976 - " D & H" Printing Districts

Above Ave/good CIRCULATED Condition


STAR serial Numbers

D 00515668 *

H 00205354 * - Notice how LOW the serial number positon is on the bill - ERROR -

Really LOW serial numbers !!!!

RARE STAR Serial Numbers !!!

Thirty Four YEARS OLD!!!

1 - D Series from Cleveland, Ohio Printing District - STAR Serail numbers are VERY hard to obtain (LOW Serial #) !!

1 - H Series from St. Louis, Miss. District - LOW LOW STAR serial number hard to get Average SHAPE!!!

Star serial numbers are very hard to obtain, less than 1/2 of one percent of all bills are STAR bills !!!

Great for the starter collection, or hand out for birthdays, tips, etc. People really LOVE to get them!!

Plate Block numbers (668 & 354) are B18 & C7 in lower right , B4 & C2 in the upper left, with 13 & 16 on reverse side lower right.

You are getting


High & Low serail number location, Rare

SEE scan- Great for that collection

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