1976 Lionel HO Railroad Advertising Set, Rio Grande,GT

This is an old train set that I bought at an estate sell.I am sure it will need a little repair and tI don`t know anything about these so I will try to describe it as best I can.The engine has Burlington Northern on it.It has 1976 Fundimensions Lionel Hong Kong on bottom.It is about 7 1/2 in. long.The caboose has Burlington Northern on it.It looks like the little center piece that holds one set of the wheels is missing.It is about 5 in. long.T is a blue Grand Trunk Western box car.It is about 5 3/4 in.It has a 24.00 price tag on the box.T is a brown Union Pacific box car.It needs the center piece to hold one set of wheels on.It is about 5 3/4 in.T is a red car with Missouri Kansas Texas The Katy on the side about 5 3/4 in.T is one flat car about 5 3/4 in.One red car with Rio Grande on it about the same size.The only number I see on these boxes is 75-8600-200.It comes with a Power Pack 5-4550 and instuctions.The instructions are worn and the boxes are too.T are 16 pieces of track that says atlas on back.The solid looking piece has Atlas Rerailer no. 44 on it.The blue wire needs to be reattached to one side of the track.I am selling this AS IS.T are a lot of good old advertising railroad pieces in this.

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