1976 Misterjaw and Catfish Production Cel,DePatie-Freleng Enterprises

Misterjaw (voiced by Arte Johnson) was a blue-colored great white shark (who wore a purple vest with white collar, a black bow tie and tall black top hat) who liked to leap out of the water and shout "HEEGotcha!" or "Gotcha!" at unsuspecting folks (who would, as would be expected, run off in terror screaming "SHARK!!!!!"). Misterjaw is a 34-episode made-for-television cartoon series, produced at DePatie-Freleng Enterprises in 1976 for The Pink Panther and Friends television series on NBC.This production piece is a 4 cel set up that measures 12.5" X 10.5". All cels are hand painted and in very good condition. No visible signs of damage to cels. Cel is of Misterjaw and catfish being held and ready to be dropped into sacks by two cats. Misterjaw also had a sidekick, a green-scaled, brown bowler hatted Brooklyn-accented catfish simply named Catfish (voiced by Arnold Stang) who usually referred to Misterjaw as "boss" or "chief"; Misterjaw usually called Catfish either "pally", "fella" or "sonny" when in a good mood, or names like "dumbkoff", "knucklehead" or "macaroni brain" when irritated. All the shorts were directed by Robert McKimson with co-direction from Sid Marcus and produced by David H. DePatie and Friz Freleng. The music and score for the series were composed by Doug Goodwin. A brief version of the John Williams Jaws theme was ... read more