1976 Philippines GINOO Miss Universe Amparo Munoz

1976 Philippines GINOO (The Filipino Man’s Magazine) No.2

Published by GINOO Publications Inc. 66 Pages. Contains News, articles, some advertisements and The 1976 Miss Universe Winners at the centerfold. Nice advertisement at the back cover. Measures approx. 11” x 8 ¾”. Has some wear and tear on the spine. Cover page is detached but the pages are still complete.

Please take a look at the photo for best description.

About the Pageant and Miss Universe Amparo Muñoz

The pageant in Manila was unaffected by a typhoon which had ravaged the island nation only days before. Spain 's Amparo Muñoz won in 1974. During her champagne victory breakfast, the new Miss Universe joked to reporters: "With the way I am living like a queen, I might get used to it. In one year, I will have to look for a rich boyfriend." Unfortunately, Amparo did not finish her reign and became a soft porn star and made one movie in the Philippines . Today, Amparo is still a film star in Spain and in 1996 filmed three movies. Runner-up Helen Morgan of Wales would later that year win the Miss World title only to be stripped of it as she was found to be an unwed mother.

Miss Universe - Amparo Munoz SPAIN

1st runner-up Helen Morgan WALES

2nd runner-up Johanna Raunio FINLAND

3rd runner-up Ella Cecilia Escaldon
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