This is a very nice STERLING SILVER PROOF COIN of ELIZABETH II and with the FOUR FACES OF QUEEN VICTORIA. The 50 CROWNS from the TURKS and CAISOS ISLANDS was struck by the ROYAL CANADIAN Mint. Struck on the other side of the coin is ELIZABETH II and D. G. REGINA 1976. It was minted in 1976 under authorization from the GOVERMENT of the TURKS and CAISOS ISLANDS. The coin is 50 mm in diameter and weighs 850 grains and it is struck in SOLID STERLING SILVER with a PROOF finish. The four different heads of the Queen of Great Britain that are on the coin are; VICTORIA REGINA 1849, VICTORIA DEI GRATIA 1883, VICTORIA DEI GRA. BRITT. REG. and VICTORIA DIE GRATIA. The queen has about 22 pages in the display book of information about her. The date on the Certificate of Authenticity is 1976 and it was produced at the Turks and Ciasos Islands and is on the back page. The coin is a proof coin and is displayed in the nice looking hard cover book. The art work is very well done and the medal displays very nicely. -----NO SALES OUTSIDE OF THE UNITED STATES----- COINS CAN NOT BE RETURNED because this coin is sealed or pressed tightly in the book cover with a plastic shield over it. Good Luck on eBay.