1977 to 1984 STAR WARS Figures. 66 Total figures, 51 with Weapons and Accessories (1st & 3rd pictures), 15 without weapons but some Accessories are pictures #2 & 4. No Duplicates Figures. Lastly, 2 Darth Vader Figure Cases from 1980. Overall a very nice lot.

All Figures are in Good Condition, with some being Excellent, some with minor playwear. There are No Figures with Loose Limbs, Heads or Chewmarks, or Other Similiar Defects. The Weapons are all in Excellent Condition, Accessories are all in very Good to Excellent Condition. A Cloth Robe or two may have a spot. See the pictures and judge for yourself.

One of the 15 figures without Weapons or Acccessories is a POTF Hans Solo in carbonite with only a small hair rub, the rest of the figure is Near Mint. Sorry No Carbonite Block.

All the We apons and A ccessories are Or iginal. None are Remakes, Fake, or Copies. The Weapons and Accessories are clearly shown. I'm not sure if the weapons are matched up correctly or not. What is pictures is what is for auction.

The cases have all latches in working condition, and all tabs to keep the figures in place. The case does have some scratches esp. on the back. Some figure stickers show wear.

There is a duplicate Lando figure. I will mail a Snowtrooper with weapon to replace him as I screwed
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