This is an enormous lot of vintage marx battleground playset items. Included is the set with original box 4756. it's missing some items but not much. It also has assembly instructions and 3 extra original box staples. On top of that set is a ton of extras. There's hundreds of total pieces. Almost all the pieces are perfect however there's a few with breaks. There is 6 large tanks, 4 personal trucks, 2 amphibious tanks, 4 jeeps, 7 small rafts, 2 large rafts, tons of fencing, a plane, heavy artillary, tracks,trees,walls, land mines, trees, ect. There's a ton of figures dark grey,light grey,cream,greens. This is a lot of extras on top of majority of the set. Due to it being vintage and a ton of pieces it's sold as is. 1 track has 2 missing things on edge don't believe there's anything else but it's possible. What I can say is 95-99% Is great condition. Overall box is pretty nice. Has a little clear tape on 2 corners. Please use pics and questions if needed for description as well. Thank you for looking and
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