1978 Donny & Marie Dolls with Barbie Superstar Stage

Auction Includes ALL of the following:
Donny Osmond Barbie Doll holding microphone
his sister Marie Osmond holding microphone
Superstar Barbie Stage (this is a hard to find item)
Donny is in good shape, just missing his shoes Marie good shape, her hair needs work though. Plus she does have her shoes.
Dolls have slight musty odor.
Superstar Barbie Stage CONDITION Notes: "Stage" does not work , I removed batteries that had a lot of corrosion on them and the metal pieces that connect to the batteries "fell out".
Stage Items have a slight musty odor to them. Accessories with the stage that are includes are:
Side wings that attach to either side of the stage (these have water stains on them) Pink curtain with slits for dolls to enter onstage Changeable marquee signs (1) Super Star Barbie show with Donny & Marie AND (1) Barbie Talent Show Clear holders for dolls to "stand" on stage Podium with microphone Guitar with strap First Place Winner Trophy (1) Yellow "BROKEN" Crown Mattel Mail Order Forms for Replacement Parts (that came with original stage)


All of KID @ Heart Sales is closely inspected before being put up for auction to see if items are missing or if they are complete. We will note what is
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