1978 Donruss KISS set ALL PSA GRADED 130/132 cards L@@K

This lot consists of a 1978 Donruss KISS trading card set which has been professional graded by PSA, the leader in sportscard grading. It contains 130 of the 132 cards issued and is currently #1 on the PSA set registry. The graded average of the set is 8.24. It contains (2) PSA 10's which are both POP 1 of 1..It also has (49) PSA 9's of which (25) are POP 1 of 1's also. T are some cards that have qualifiers so please use this link to see the breakdown and grades of the entire set: /SetRegistry/alltimeset.aspx?s=12279 .........This is a "BUY IT NOW" auction with the selling price being $1750 ......That works out to less than $13.50 per card !!

The 1978 Donruss set consisted of two series of 66 cards each, for a total of 132 cards in the set. Series 1 unopened boxes sell in the $200 range on E-bay. However series 2 boxes are extremly scare and sell in the $400+ range when available. Any unopened boxes that remain will have damage to the top and bottom card of each pack due to the wax stains and 30 years old gum mildew...Since each pack only contains 6 cards, t are only 4 cards per pack that are of any value. Anybody who is familar with 1978 Donruss KISS cards is aware that the quality control of the production of these cards is probably the worst ever. Series 1 cards are plauged with the worse rough cuts I have ever seen.
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