I need to clear some space and don't really use this enough to justify keeping it. It was purchased as a stop-gap whilst my main mode of transport was being repaired.

Generally the car runs very well but it is a long way from being a concourse example. The paintwork has the usual crazing and cracks though not too bad and the drivers door is a bit dull.

Inside the story is the same, Nothing horrendous but it could do with a bit of a tidy around.

The main neagive points are the sunroof is tatty both outside and in. It keeps most of the weather out but in some of the recent monsoons there has been a little bit of water getting in. Nothing too bad though. The other thing which stands out really is the power steering rack leaks fluid. It all functions and drives find but it leaks. I have just been topping it up rather than taking attempting to fix it.

It obviously doesn't drive like a new car but does drive quite well for it's age. Starts easily, holds good oil pressure and does not over heat.

Taxed and tested ready to drive away.

Cash on collection preferred.

Any questions fee free to ask.