1979 Mattel TOHO Shogun Warriors Godzilla RODAN 15" Toy

1979 Mattel TOHO Shogun Warriors Godzilla RODAN 15" Toy Presented for auction is a Vintage 1979 Shogun Warriors Godzilla RODAN Toy.
Rodan was made in 1979 by TOHO / Mattel. Generally considered part of Mattel's Shogun Warriors line, Rodan was really a stand alone toy in the 'World's Greatest Monsters' line. It was the only Jumbo Machinder style toy to be released exclusively in the United States. These are pretty RARE.
He measures 15" inches in height.
Rodan is MISSING HIS WINGS. Other than that, this one is in great condition. The lever for his mouth action is problem free, and still makes the "gawking noise". There are NO broken clips in his back or feet where the rubber bands attach. The four clips that hold his back onto his body are NOT broken. Typically, you'll find some of these clips broken on most Rodans offered for sale... not this one.
Rodan was played with, but lightly, as there's very minimum signs of use. Typical paint wear to claws. There are NO scuffs, scratches, or cracks to the body. The head is a little loose at the neck. Tends to drop down. This is an easy fix by replacing the rubber connector band at the body - neck.
Even though the wings disappeared, this is a great piece for parts, or to upgrade your Rodan body if it has broken clips, etc.
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