1980 10oz COKE GEORGIA BULLDOGS #1 Full Soda Bottle

1980 10oz GEORGIA BULLDOGS Full Soda Bottle

Item Description

Nice 10oz COKE commemorative bottle, still full of soda. Front of bottle says 1980 National Champions - Coke & Georgia Bulldogs #1 and shows a bulldog in pads relaxing with a Coke. Back reads 1980 Championship Season and lists all of U of GA's games and won/loss record. Some of the wins include victories over Tennessee, Clemson, Florida, Texas A&M, Georgia Tech, and their Sugar Bowl win over Notre Dame. Bottle is in great condition - came from a well preserved private collection.This gem would go great in any Coke, Georgia, or Soda Bottle Collection - would also make a nice gift! Refer to the photo below.

Soda bottles are one of the hottest and most undervalued collectables on the market. Great history, beautiful colors, and great to display! Why purchase new or reproductions, when you can buy vintage bottles that will retain or no doubt gain in value! I have been a collector/dealer in soda bottles and memorabilia for 15 years, so if you have any questions, requests, or items for sale, please email me

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