1980/1981 Topps Basketball Card Larry Bird / Magic Johnson Rookie plaque

very nice custom made plaque The player of the 80's Topps cards Larry Bird, Julius Erving, Magic Johnson

The cards are authentic, They are in the case and I am not opening it, but from what I can tell they look like there in good condition. My step father passed away and these were left in his basement. He was a big collector, we are slowly going through the boxes.
- my4angels78

Okay guys I took a chance and removed the card from the plaque, super scary! I added two new pictures, the back does have some sticky clear adhesive but it's the kind you can peel right off with out damaging the card, I wanted to put the card back on the plaque so I didn't remove all of it. The front of the card bottom white frame part by Larry bird looks like it had a bump of extra card on it? Other then that card looks good to me. !