1980 Stern BERZERK Arcade Game in Dedicated Cabinet




This classic arcade game from 1980 works 100% and is in a BERZERK Dedicated Cabinet. Cabinet is in good shape as shown in pics. Monitor is very clean with very crisp picture with very little burn-in if any. This game would make an excellent addition to your game room or personal collection.

The upright cabinet features a patented "board drawer" that allows the boards to slide out
and be serviced from the front of the machine.
The cabinet features fantastic artwork directly stenciled (not decals) using Marvel comics-style graphics.

Berzerk can be converted to Frenzy by replacing the ZPU-1000 with the ZPU-1001. Both games use the same power supply, video boards, sound boards, wiring harness, cabinet, and control panel.


Game Play...come on, you remember!!! In each and every maze, the humanoid must destroy all robots using his laser gun without touching the deadly walls, colliding with a robot, or getting hit by any of the lasers fired by the robots.

After the humanoid has destroyed all the robots, he must escape through one of open doorways before Evil Otto appears.
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