1980 Stern BERZERK Arcade Video Game CLASSIC 80's

This classic 80's arcade game was released in 1980 by Stern. The one I am selling is in a dedicated upright cabinet that is in very good condition. The game works perfectly but the monitor has some burn-in. Shipping is available.

Manufacturer: Stern
Year: 1980
Class: Wide Release
Genre: Shooter
Type: Videogame

Monitor: Orientation: Horizontal Type: Raster: Standard Resolution CRT: Color Conversion Class: unique
Number of Simultaneous Players: 1
Maximum number of Players: 2
Gameplay: Alternating
Control Panel Layout: Single Player Ambidextrous
Controls: Joystick: 9-position optical Buttons: 1

Sound: Amplified Mono (one channel)

Description Humanoid player runs through maze-like rooms, destroying robots while avoiding their fire. The indestructable Evil Otto is the game's timer, forcing the player to move on. One of the first talking games, remember "Get the Humanoid!"?

Cabinet Information The upright cabinet features a patented "board drawer" that allows the boards to be serviced from the front of the machine. Both the upright and cocktail cabinets feature fantastic artwork on the back glass using Marvel comics-style graphics. The look of terror on the humanoid's face (lower left side of the back glass) can often resemble the person playing the game. Conversion Berzerk

After the humanoid has destroyed all the robots, he must escape through one of open doorways before Evil Otto appears. If Evil Otto appears when t are still robots, he will bounce very slowly. But after all the robots are destroyed, Evil Otto will be bouncing even faster. The humanoid must escaped before Evil Otto gets him or he is done for because Evil Otto cannot be killed.

Although the robots are supposed to be destroyed by the humanoid with his laser gun, the robots are not very smart and can also be destroyed whenever they run into each other, touch the deadly walls, get hit by their own lasers or get run over by Evil Otto. But no matter how they are destroyed, the player gets the credit and scores points.

A bonus score is given if all the robots in the maze are destroyed. But if t any robots are left in the maze when the humanoid escapes through one of the open doorways, no bonus will be given.

The game has a voice synthesizer that speaks for all the actions in the game. For example, it says "Chicken! Fight like a robot!" if the humanoid exits the maze before all robots are destroyed, "Intruder Alert! Intruder Alert!" whenever Evil Otto appears, and "The humanoid must not escape" when the humanoid exits the maze after all robots are destroyed.

The game has 64,000 different mazes, each with a level of difficulty that constantly increases. Miscellaneous Play a JAVA emulated version of the game by visiting http://web.utanet.at/nkehrer/JBerzerk.html Technical Berzerk was originally designed for the 6809E CPU, until it was discovered that the processor did not work properly. The board was then redone to run on a Z80. The speech was done using LPC coding, which cost $1,000 per word to compress at that time. The game also originally had a monochrome monitor, but when Defender was released in color, the company re-considered their display approach and re-designed the display using a color overlay board. Trivia Berzerk was Stern's first major video game success. It was made in both upright (approx. 37500) and cocktail (approx. 1200) models. It was also one of the first talking games -- remember "Get the Humanoid", "Chicken! Fight like a Robot", "Intruder Alert!", or "Coins Detected in pocket!"?

Perhaps the greatest stroke of genius in the game is the robot intelligence. Plaudits to des...

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