Here is my 1980 Triumph Dolomite 1300. I've had 6 or 7 of these now and after a long spell of being Dolomite-less I thought I'd re-ignite that old flame and buy another!
When I bought it the oil was as thick as treacle and the engine knocking from the bottom end. I drove it back home carefully/slowly mixxing it up with the Lorries in the slow lane! Once home I swapped the engine for a fairly recently rebuilt engine I bought off a mate (less than 4000 miles on it now). When the engine was built it had some head work and was fitted with a Kent TH3 camshaft (Kent sell this as fast road/rally profile!). On the previous car this engine was fitted to the engine work was complimented with a Weber 40 carb on a TriumphTune manifold and a larger bore exhaust pipe mated to a 1500 421. Unfortunatly the Weber 40 won't fit if you run a dual line brake master cylinder so I had to make do with my standard HS6 single carb and slightly restrictive standard 1300 exhaust system :-[ Even with these restrictions on the engine the car is deffinitly peppier than a standard car and can see the wrong side of the speed limit with relative ease :-) The car also benefitts from 'point-less' eleccy ignition and has only done 200 miles since an oil change.
I live in Yeovil and often travel to my parents 120 miles away in Wales with a good 90 miles on the
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