1980's He-Man MOTU Lot. Skeletor, Hordak, Prince Adam +

What I have here is a LARGE Lot of He-Man MOTU Toys all from the 80's. I have 29 Action figures and 5 Vehicles. Heres the list!!!
Road Ripper w/ pull cord and all the stickers
Slim Pit 100% complete
Battle Ram complete w/ 2 missiles
Stridor Complete
Roton w/ all stickers
Action Figures
Leach complete
Prince Adam complete
Man-E-Faces complete
Buzz Off missing axe
Mer-Man missing hand
Two Bad complete
Stinkor complete
WhipLash complete
Modaluk missing one head and one gun
Mekaneck complete Stratos missing straps on wings Clawful complete Hordak complete broken foot
Zodak complete w/ broken strap for body armor
He-man only missing shield
Ram-Man Complete
Mantenna Complete
Battle Armor He-Man Broken Arm and missing weapons
Fisto Complete
Jitsu Complete
He-Man Missing Shield and for parts
Roboto complete
Skeletor Complete
Thunder Punch He-Man complete
Grizzlor complete
Man at Arms missing one arm and one leg armor
Sy-Klone complete
Tri Klops complete
Kobra Khan complete