1980s Mixed Lot 3 Action Figure MASK race car transform

Check out the other 7 MASK vehicles and action figures I have on. This is the last 3 of the 10 that I am listing for now. From one original owner. They have been played with years ago but he kept good care of them. Some minor wear. Nice vintage collectibles. These Mask vehicles transform into other vehicles. Usually car into plane or more. The orange car,think camero,I couldn't get it apart. Must be a push button I missed. The truck opens. Has a tow chain in it hooked on and some type of tool loose in the trunk. The one on the right was all hooked together as one vehicle. I took it apart to show what it goes into. The purple car in the back has wings that come out and sure there is more. Each car has its action figure driver. The black one has 2 removeable action figure drivers and one in the middle doesn't comes out. He belongs in there. KPT 87 is on the black car bottom. 1986 Kenner Parker toys inc. is on the orange car bottom. Kenner Parker toys 1987 is on bottom of the purple car plane. You get all of these toys in one lot. You may combine with the others if you win,just let me know and wait for combined invoice. Thank You. Never a handling fee for United States. International see note. I do combine auctions. Just let me know if you win and are bidding on more of my auctions and I can hold and invoice and ship together. FREE ... read more