Here's a fairly strong Doubled Die Reverse, found on a BU Gem 1981-D Jefferson Nickel .....this Doubled Die is a highly sought variety.

This Doubled Die Reverse, CONECA ~~ 1981-D, DDR 1-R-II-C+VI, Brilliant BU Jefferson Nickel displays a medium (doubling) on 'United States of America' as well as A VERY STRONG SPREAD on E PLURIBUS UNUM and light on the Five Cents. It is the only Doubled Die nickel reported in the entire 1981 Jefferson Nickel series!

The coin's grade appears to be BU MS-64 or higher. It's no DOG! Good, strong steps. The Marker to look for on this Stage 'A' specimen, is a 'Die Scratch' that runs southeast thru the UN of UNITED. It's there and very evident.

The Scan depicts the coin I am offering. As you can see, the doubling is quite visible on the areas mentioned. To fully appreciate this Double Die, you need a good 10X or 16X loupe. Also, a customer recently informed me that more die doubling is also evident on the left side of the Monticello building. It appears, just to left of the Dome.

This coin will be shipped to you POSTPAID, Free!

Finally, please keep in mind that you have full return privileges and cash refund if you are not satisfied with this coin. I will also include, as a free Bonus, an additional coin that displays a nice listed Repunched Mint-mark variety!! Two
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