1981 Porsche 924 Turbo

MOT'd until 31-May-2012, road tax until 30-Nov-12.

I have owned this car for 14 months and covered around 2000 miles. I have had no breakdowns or major dramas, it has passed 2 MOT tests with only minor work on each occasion. It is a relatively straight-forward car to work on with good spares availability.

I have replaced the gearbox as the original had badly worn synchros. (The original is still with the car if required.)

The private registration plate is included in the sale. It has been valued at £800 to £1000.

Condition wise the car is in fair condition for a 30 year old 160,000 mile vehicle. It is NOT mint. The bodywork is showing its age with a few blisters, chips, minor scratches, evidence of previous resrays, etc. The passenger electric window doesn't work. (It worked slowly until I cleaned the contacts). There is a mysterious petrol smell in the car which comes and goes, I've never gotten to the bottom of this as there are no detectable fuel leaks, but i understand it to be a common 924 issue. It also has the usual driver seat bolster split, cracked dash top,etc plus a few other bits and bobs. None of these problems have stopped me using and enjoying the car every week and I will be sorry to see it go.

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