1981 "SCHWINN" Beach Cruiser "5-SPEED" OG Bike!

is my Very Nice 1981 Schwinn Beach Cruiser that is ALL ORIGINAL, (with the exception of tires), just the way it came from schwinn.

This is the ORIGINAL PAINT TOO!! The bike was bought in southern Calif. At "Westminster" Schwinn, (they were on Beach Blvd till the early 90's), and it still has the decal showing the dealer right on it!

I think any buyer will be well impressed by it's condition, being that its 26 YEARS OLD?

Serial Number is LS#########, so Nov. 1981, this was the first year they went to the chrome forks on the "deluxe" 5-Speed Model as a option.

It also has the Heavy duty spokes(standard on cruisers) and the original S2 rims.

And the chrome is outstanding for its age.

The bike really good too, Has all the Original Reflectors, on the wheels and front and back.

I feel its a rare opportunity to find such a clean schwinn bike like this these days, Never repainted,

(this version of 5-speed deluxe came with Gold color decals), and very nice original chrome, and actually the new tires really work well, (this is only thing ever changed) so if your a collector, or just want a good Honest MADE IN THE U.S.A bicycle, then read on,

So if your interested, please read on BEFORE YOU BID,

I DO NOT TAKE "PAY-PAL!!! (so please don't ask)


I need the payment within "7" days of the ending of this auction, or I will relist it, and may have too block you from my auctions, and may have to leave bad feedback, So please, only bid if you are serious, make it a good auction for everyone, thank you, and if you wish to "PICK-UP", Sounds great to me, we are in Seal Beach Ca. Orange Co.

Or I will ship fedex, and the cost will be " Only the fedex cost , and will be figured out by the zip code your in.

So now: get in t, AND BID, not just bid, WIN!!!

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