1982 CAMPBELL'S SOUP KIDS Glass Christmas Ball Ornament

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VINTAGE Collectible 1982 Campbell's Soup Kids Christmas Ball Ornament

A little History : The Campbell Kids, loved by generations of people around the world, were created in 1904 by a Philadelphia artist, Grace Gebbie Drayton. It was Mrs Drayton's husband who asked her to create some design ideas for Campbell Soup Company, one of his clients. With pen, ink and watercolor, the cherubic Campbell Kids were born and presented to Campbell. The company was delighted with the bright-eyed, active youngsters and introduced them to the public through an advertising campaign on street cars and in the pages of The Ladies' Home Journal magazine. The rest is history. For 102 years now, the energetic, smiling, kids have represented Campbell's commitment to good food and good health. They are one of the best-known corporate symbols in the world. The Campbell Kids, in fact, were creating public awareness of quality food and its nutritional benefits long before the current interest in health and fitness. Although the Campbell Kids began as charming illustrations, they have grown into real-life characters who celebrated their 80th birthday in 1984 at a big New York party, skated along with the U.S. Figure Skating team and marched in Thanksgiving Day parades. At children's hospitals,
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