1982 G Giuseppe Armani SPARROW on SNOW BRANCH Broken

This is a very stunning and gorgeous 1982 statue by Giuseppe Armani but it has a broken off piece on the stem of the branch. This statue is now 28 years old and is just a beautiful setting with a sparrow that is beautifully done on a tree branch draped with snow and touched with berries. The statue stands approximately 11 inches tall by 9-1/2 inches wide. It has the G. Armani plate in front and also G. Armani's signature embedded in figurine in front. On the back side is the blue N capodimonte signature mark as well as 1982 Florence embedded in statue.

This was an absolutely perfect statue but had its center branch break which is shown in photos. I am not very good at even attempting to fix things like this. I am going to see if there might be someone who would be interested in having this truly gorgeous piece. Except for the break of branch, this statue is in excellent condition; no other chips, breaks or cracks. The wood base is in very good condition with some very light rub marks. It makes me so sad that this happened; it is truly a gorgeous piece. When you see this statue, and if you love Armani's birds, you will find this one is very striking! Armani had a way with snow and whenever he added snow to his statues, it just turned them into magical realistic settings. I think you will be very pleased with this piece. It
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