1982 Universal MR. DO Video Game Conversion Kit Flyer!

1982 Universal MR. DO Video Game Conversion Kit Flyer!
's an original sales flyer for Universal's 1982 MR. DO arcade video game. This flyer is designed to promote the MR. DO conversion kit rather than the dedicated games. T's a small color photograph of the upright version of the game showing the header, monitor (at an angle), and control panel; the entire front and left side of the cabinet are visible. T's also a color photo of the cocktail table model showing the front and top of the cabinet. T's also some text about the profitability of purchasing a MR. DO conversion kit. T's lots of information on the back of the flyer about the game play, features, and scoring, illustrated with drawings of some of the characters from the game. This flyer is in mint condition with no rips, tears, folds, creases, wrinkles, punch holes, or other damage -- you simply won't find a nicer MR. DO conversion kit flyer anyw else, if you can even find another of these flyers at all. Flyers this old (25 years) are often difficult to find today because they were distributed primarily to video game operators and arcade owners (not to players or collectors), and these flyers were usually disposed of after a few weeks when the game went out of production. This flyer would make a great addition to any collection of vintage video game brochures, and

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