1983 and 1984 Olympic Proof Commemorative Silver Dollars 2-piece Set

Specifications of both coins:
Condition: Proof
Date: 1983 and 1984
Diameter: 1.50 inch US Silver Dollar Size
Fineness: 900 Fine
Weight: .86 troy oz.
Content: Silver .77 troy oz. Copper .09 troy oz.
Traditional content for US silver coinage
Design of 1984: OBV. RobertGraham's Sculpture: Gateway to the Olympic Coliseum Los Angeles, CA. REV. American eagle looking over its wing to right
Design of 1983: OBV: Figure of discus thrower inspired by the ancient work of the Greek sculptor, Myron. REV Bust of American Eagle.
Both items are included in velvet collector case and box. Coins are very clean and clear and appear to be in as new condition. Have been in safe storage since the eighties.
I package well and ship quickly. Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions.