Two 1983 Los Angeles commemorative Olympic dollar coins

These are 1983 and 1984 Olympic Silver Dollar Commemorative "Proof" Coins. There are 1.50 inches in diameter and minted in San Francisco. They are 900 Fine and weighs .86 troy ounces.
The coin is designed by Robert Graham and features a beautiful depiction of the Bald Eagle and the Los Angeles Coliseum arches on the obverse.
The front/obverse has the figure of a discus thrower (based on an ancient Greek statue - the Discobolus), the Los Angles Olympic logo - a moving star, and the five Olympic rings. The back/reverse has a left facing bust of the American eagle.
The coins are in a protective plastic capsule and has never been removed or handled. It retains its original luster. The coin has no marks. Even though I have not had it certified as to its condition, it is among the very finest of those struck, with no defects.
The coin comes with a jewel boxes. Please look at the pictures. Sold as is