1983 Norteast Aerodynamics BelAir.60 Model Airplane Kit

Hithis is a Northesat Aerodynamics Bel_Air.60 Model airplane kit .60 size sport/Exhibition 5 plane ,perfect balance widest speed range all balsa and hardwood ,landing gear and cabane assembly are preformed bolt on wings standard,,Engine requirements are any .60 glo and .75 to 90 four stroke wing spand 52 wing area 935 fuselage lenght 48in fusealage width 3.5 weight 6 to 7.5 wing loading range is 14.8 to 18.5 oz. /sq.ft. This has never been out of the box and would be a great project for someone.Box has some stains on it as was stored in Garage for years .But all is good other tha that ,Please email with questions HAve one other listed take a look see