1983 Old School BMX Diamondback Harry Leary Turbo Lite

Old School 1983 Diamond Back (DB) Harry Leary Turbolite in beyond EXCELLENT condition!!!! If you know about old school BMX then you remember the DB Turbo and Turbolite. They were the best DB bikes every made and arguably the best BMX bikes ever made. One thing that set them apart was the turbo-smoked finish (made by Koizumo, Japan) which many tried to duplicate but never could. OK.....now the details:

This turbolite was custom built with high end parts in 1983 by Fernandez BMX Bike Shop in Seaside, CA, barely ridden (less than 10 times) and then stored untouched for the past 25+ years in garage. All the parts are in excellent condition with no rust or fading whatsoever. THIS BIKE IS ALL ORIGINAL, NOT RESTORED!!!!!!!!!! is a parts list:

DB Turbolite frame/fork and bars in Turbosmoke Chrome finish Turbolite Stem and sealed headset AR202 (made by Tange) Serial #4D0012 with a baseball symbol after the number and symbol on bottom bracket too. This signifies it was made by Koizumo Japan. Sugino Super Maxy Cross cranks and sugino 43t gold anno sprocket and sugino bolts (stamped sugino) kkt fmx lightning gold anno pedals Ukai rims smoked alloy finish to match frame and fork with gold anno Sunshine Gyromaster hubs Tioga Comp III tires (originial tires with little knobbies still hanging on) Uni pro seat (black) diamondback
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