1984 TCMA Iowa Cubs Minor League Team Set

I recently purchased a mixed lot of over 4,000 Minor League Baseball Card Sets. These sets mostly span the 1980's and early 1990's and there is duplication. I will be listing these sets individually over the coming weeks for sale here on Ebay.
This particular set is the 1984 TCMA Iowa Cubs minor league team set. I have taken a picture of an old SCD price guide that shows the checklist for the players on this team. The guide was from 1993 and is the only copy I have for reference. The book prices shown in the SCD were obviously at that time. Use your own judgement for current value when purchasing.
Winning bidder pays by Paypal and includes $2.50 for USPS standard shipping which is the actual USPS cost for this service.
BX1 Shipping for multiple sets is combined as follows: $2.50 for first set and $.50 for each additional set. You must wait for me to send an invoice with combined shipping cost before paying. Ebay does not combine the shipping so it will show $2.50 times the number of sets until I send the new invoice.