1985 FIRST EDITION Dayton Hudson Santa Bear +2 BONUSES!




ORIGINAL 1985 Santabear From Dayton Hudson


(Santabear story postcard & D.H. price tag)

Still has original bag!

Will ship in original SANTABEAR SHIPPING BOX!!

An incredible find! I've NEVER seen a 1985 Santabear sell with all the original tags, the original bag, AND the shipping box. It is nearly impossible, if not completely impossible to find the original shipping boxes. This was what Dayton's received the bears in and it is marked "quantity 6". Of course, you are only getting this one Santabear in that box. And, I believe my aunt wrote "X-mas" on the outside of the box or something like that.

Your 1985 Santabear is in near mint condition! The only thing I can see is that the D.H. price tag is fading, the postcard is a bit crinkled, and the tassel on the hat is just barely, barely starting to yellow (of course, that could be my poor yellow lighting in , too!). The rest of the bear is still pure white and in MINT condition! Very white, clean, odorless, from a smoke-free, pet-free home.

Note: Shipping is higher due to shipping in original box which actually holds 6 bears, so it is large and heavy! We will to fill that extra space in the box, too.

Payment: PayPal, Postal
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