1985 Garbage Pail Kids Lot Of 87 Cards No Doubles Series 2-5

You are bidding on 87 Garbage Pail Kids cards. These cards are in great shape. I would say over 80% are almost mint condition. The rest are still very good shape, just not mint. Few are slightly wavy and some have slightly creased corners. The cards are:
49a, 58a 80a 83ab 84ab 85ab 86a 88ab 89ab 91ab 92a 93a 94b 95a 96a. 97ab 98ab 99ab 100ab 101a 102b 103b 104b 106b 107ab 108ab 110a 111b 113ab 115ab 116ab 117ab 118ab 119b 120ab 121b 122b 123ab 126ab 127a 128a 132ab 134b 136a 137b 138b 139a 140b 141a 145b 148a 149b 151b 153ab 155a 156a 158b 159ab 161ab 162b 174a 175b 200b
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