1985 GARTLAN Statue PETE ROSE Limited Edition 1186/4192

You are bidding on a Vintage, Genuine, excellent c ondition, fully collectible, Limited Edition,


"For The Record" featuring PETE ROSE.

This is a genuine, licensed figurine, issued by Gartlan Associates in 1985, over 25 years old!

It is in outstanding condition, highly desirable and perfect to display in your collection.

This is one of those unique, oddball lots where I can't honestly say if I'll get no bidders or several fighting over it. I really have no idea what i'll get selling this, the few similar ones that I saw on EBay went unsold in the $500++ range, the 'book' value was well over $1000 when the recession hit. I was given this Limited Edition Statue / Figurine (....what's the difference?) by a friend who brought over an assortment of odd items for me to sell, I have photographed it, enlarged the pictures for you to view and put them online to see what I could get for his unneeded item. This auction is for the Pete Rose statue shown in the pictures. The piece is in excellent condition, not used or abused, not dirty or tarnished, simply beautiful as shown in the photos provided here. I offer up several photos, simply so you could see the beauty and craftsmanship. This GARTLAN "For The Record" statue/ figurine from 1985 is ready to display
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