1985 Original Xavier Roberts Signed -Cabbage Patch Kid

Roberts and Morehead sold the right to produce their doll to the Coleco Company in 1982. These new dolls would all be 16 inches tall and their faces would be made of vinyl instead of cloth. Each doll would be unique. There are no two dolls just alike. The company was able to mass produce the doll. They used computers to make sure that differences could be found in eye color, hair color, facial features, or clothing. Even though the company producing the doll has changed over the years, the same differences still hold true with each doll today. Each doll comes with its own birth certificate and assigned name. Each birth certificate carries the signature of Xavier Roberts

Original Signed Cabbage Patch Kid 1985 (Sorry No Box) Xavier Roberts signature

She is a original Cabbage Patch Kids "Kid". Her name is Greta Hilde and she was born in the cabbage patch on October 1st .. She is approximately 16 Inches Tall. Her clothing is all original and consists of a white knit cardigan over front laced short jumper with white lace down the center in Patterned pink fabric. and the cabbage patch tag. .The Cardigan is white with pink little flowers embroidered on the yoke. Her booties are little white knitted "socks". She is also wearing her original little pampers diaper. She is clean and in Excellent Condition almost new. Her little
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