Hi. Today i have some very special basketball cards for sell. I personally bought these cards back in 1986 from a TG&Y store in Eastern North Carolina. These cards came from a 1986 Fleer Basketball Cards box that i paid $9.00 for the box at that store. They had 2 boxes and i only bought one. How i wished now i had bought them both. At that time, no one thought how valuable they would become. So i have had these cards in my safe over 20 years now. I have treasured these cards for a long time, but now i need money due to the economic times we are having. About 10 years ago, when grading became popular i had these cards graded at a Sports Card Show in Houston, Texas. I took a week vacation from work and drove all the way t hoping PSA graders would be t in person. PSA wasnt doing live grading at the show and since i drove so far i wanted them graded. Thus i had PRO grading to grade them. In fact, the owner of the PRO grading company graded these cards. So a very qualified grader did the grading on these cards. I talked to him personally while he graded them as i watched. So that is basically the background history of these cards. Now i will describe these cards to you. First, the cream of the crop, a 1986-1987 Feer Michael Jordan Rookie Card graded PRO 9.5 Mint +, almost a perfect card, to my eyesight it looked perfect, it has

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