1986/87 Fleer Complate Set Michael Jordan Rookie SCG 84

You are bidding on a complete set of the very rare 1986/87 Fleer Basketball Cards. This set includes the Michael Jordan Rookie Card (#57 of 132), which was graded by Sportcard Guaranty, LLC (website: ) as an 84 (Near Mint 7). Per the website, an 84 is described as:

84 NRMT 7 70/30 or better centering, slight wear on some corners, minor scratching, some print spots or speckling, and print lines or refractor lines are acceptable. Card may exhibit a slightly skewed (diamond) cut.

This is the only card in the set that has been professionally graded. However, the SG, LLC near mint grade of the Michael Jordan rookie card represents the average condition of each card. Some cards are in the same condition, some are in better condition, while other cards are in slightly worse condition. See pictures of other notable cards---Karl Malone Rookie Card (#68 of 132) and Clyde Drexler Rookie Card (#26 of 132). Other great rookie cards featuring Charles Barkley, Chris Mullin, Patrick Ewing, among other previous NBA Stars.

This auction also includes the 11-card insert set of stickers, which includes Michael Jordan (8 of 11)---see picture. These cards, in my observation, are on average in slightly better condition than the near mint average for the 132 card set.

Of note, t are several cards that buyers need to be
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