1986 American Silver Eagle Roll 20 oz Silver. Uncirculated Original Orange Tube

One spectacular roll of 1986 American Silver Eagles . In original orange tube which came straight from the mint. I'm confident the coins have never been removed from the tube. I bought the roll several years ago from the original owner, who assured me the coins had never been removed from the tube. There is no rim toning. All edges look Very beautiful, with no toning--except for the two end coins--which show some nice toning around the edges. These have been kept in a safe for years, if not since the time they were issued. It's a rare opportunity to buy a 1986 roll in the original orange tube, and it's even more rare to find one in which the coins have never been removed.
Please see my other listings. I'm selling many beautiful Silver coins over the next 5 days: Dollars, Half Dollars, Quarters, Dimes, 5 oz America The Beautiful Quarters, harder-to-find dates of Uncirculated American Silver Eagle rolls etc. Be sure to see the two 1986 Silver Eagle rolls in their original orange tubes, which I'm selling. The coins have never been removed from those original orange tubes.