1986 G1 Transformers Menasor NM Loose Complete

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Transformers Action Figure

Name of Transformer: Menenasor (made up of the Stunticons including Breakdown, Dead End, Drag Strip, Wildrider and Motormaster).

Manufactured by Hasbro for the G1 Transformers action figure line.

Overall Condition of Action Figure: Loose, near-mint, complete. All five Stunticons include all accessories and weapons. Also includes Instruction sheet.

Condition of Joints / Limbs: All robots transform as intended and have stiff joints.

Condition of Stickers: It appears that most original stickers are in-tact and in excellent condition.

Condition of Paint / Surfaces: Show some very minor wear from play use.

Weapons / Accessories Included: All original accessories for all five robots are included.

Condition of Weapons / Accessories: Loose, near-mint, complete.

Tech Specs Included: Yes.

Condition of Tech Specs: All Tech Specs are clean, lay flat and well cut. Three of the five Tech Specs are encased in tape.

Booklet Included: Yes, for Motormaster.

Condition of Booklet: Lays flat, clean, no tares or rips.

Notes: This will make a great addition to your Transformer collection.

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