1986 haro sport

1986 haro sport. comes with bars, forks, fork standers, headset, bb, bars, cranks, pedals, chain wheel, group 1 stem, 11/85 dated nippons with tech 6 levers.

1986 haro sport. no dents, dings, cranks. but t is some white spray paint on it. the previous owner tried touching up the paint chips. the chrome looks good under the paint. the rear drop outs look good. t was some rust build up on the frame stander and soaked the rear in a oxy bath. so the chrome would need to be polished out with some chrome polish.
the forks have a very small ding right under the one hole for the fork stander. you can not see it with the fork standers on. it is smaller then a pea
the bars look fine. not crimped and i dont see and dings or dents or deep scratching

fork standers look good.

the cranks are faded sugino 175's I beleave

set of nippons front and rear with tech 6 levers

the chain wheel is complete with disc.

pedals look pretty good.

the stem looks like it someone had started polishing it out.

no wheels, seat , seat post is included. the dia compe hinged seat clamp is but it is broken at the hinge. it still works though