1986 Kenner Super Powers Collection Series 3 Action Figure Cyclotron

This item is a loose Kenner Super Powers Series 3(1986) action figure, Cyclotron who is a character from DC Comics. This Cyclotron action figure is incomplete; missing face plate. Cyclotron's power action Cyclo-Spin is activated by squeezing his arms and this function is in good working condition. Over all, this action figure appears to be in good condition to my untrained eye as I am not a professional grader and do not claim to be one. Please consider the action figure is used as well as close to 30 years old. Cyclotron is a hard to find series three action figure and is one of the more obscure characters in the DC Universe which makes him a great collector's item!

* You can have 100% confidence that this item is an authentic Kenner Super Powers action figure. I do not alter action figures ( paint jobs etc.) and do not replace accessories such as capes with a custom accessory in an attempt to deceive. I am also well aware of the many "knock off" versions of this popular 80's action figure line. I am a Super Powers collector and have also done extensive research on both the Super Powers & "knock off" action figures.

Sale will be final and I do not offer refunds or returns so please consider the following:

I make no guarantee on the overall condition of the action figure due to it's age (close to 30 years
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