1986 NGC Uncirculated MS 69 Silver Eagle

Description You are buying a 1986 Uncirculated MS 69 NGC Silver Eagle .This is one real nice coin and it is virtually spotless.This is a tougher date to find in this grade.These items are being bought up by collectors and investors a like. They seem to be a little rare and getting harder to find.Today silver is close to 32.50 an ounce.These are the hottest items in coin collecting. They are 1 Ounce Silver, they are limited edition and this one is graded by one of the best services in coin collecting NGC. I have been going to coin shows lately and their are a lot fewer graded silver eagles for sale than usual.These are a sure thing to increase in value as currencies around the world fall in value.Not to mention the amount of money the US printing as we speak. Which eventually will lead to hyper inflation and a devaluation of our own money.Gold and silver on ebay brings a lot more that listed spot prices on ebay because you are buying real silver not a paper trade from an exchange. And because gold and silver auctions are getting fewer and fewer on ebay and is it is being bought up by everyone who knows that printing to much paper will eventually devalue its buying power.Which will continue to drive up metal prices. Just an opinion by someone who has seen it all before. No matter how much change you promise. Last month the National

S/H be free in the US .I will be selling a few auctions each week and starting at a penny with free shipping Thats a real auction!



Shipping is FREE FREE FREE in the U.S. Shipped through paypal shipping with delivery conformation in a padded envelope.Please send Paypal Only.

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