1986 Santabear Cookie Mold Cast Iron Dayton Hudson


For auction is one of the complimentary items that was sold when the Hudson's (Dayton-Hudson) Santabear craze began. This item was available in 1986, the second year of the popular collectible.

I purchased this cookie mold for my own personal use. I used it the first year that I purchased it and have never used it again. I baked the sandwich cookie recipe that is on the back of the box. They were oh so good!

When finished baking, I simply rubbed the mold with oil...per my mother-in-law...and it has remained untouched since then. I was informed that I was not to wash it, tfore, I did not.

The purchaser of this item may want to season it per the instructions on the back of the box.

The mold is 14" long X 7 1/4" across. It is a heavy 6 pounds and 10 ounces of cast iron.

If you are/were a Santabear collector you will not want to miss this opportunity to own one of the more rare items that was offered.

I hope you enjoy my auctions as much as I do looking for treasures to offer.

Most items that I offer for auction have been found at flea markets, estate sales, garage sales, etc. Some are used, some are new. I look for unique items that I think other collectors, etc. will enjoy. I describe each item to the
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