1986 Swiss Platinum Shooting Thaler 1 oz.

You are bidding on a 1986 brilliant uncirculated swiss platinum shooting tyler coin. it comes with case and descriptive paper. this coin a collector dream .
"Shooting Talers are a direct outgrowth of the Swiss Confederations proud military tradition. They have been issued periodically since 1842 to commemorate popular shooting festivals held during times of peace, and are struck at private mints under the authority of the Swiss government. Although Shooting Talers hold legal tender status during the duration of the festival they commemorate, the typically very low mintages of these issues make them more valuable as collectibles than currency."
"The 1986 Swiss Platinum Shooting Taler features the heroic figure of William Tell, striding confidently with his fabled croosbow slung across his shoulder, and his arm around his son. Tell is the legendary patriot who is said to have led the Swiss revolt against the Austrian Hapsburgs in the 1300s, after the Hapsburgs forced him to shoot an apple from atop his sons head."
"The 1986 Platinum Shooting Taler is a truly unique issue, representing a valuable investment of one troy ounce, .999 platinum, as well as an investment in the timeless beauty of a classic Swiss design."
As of today, April 22, Platinum closed at $1750 an ounce. This would be a really great addition to any
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