1987 Old School GT Dyno D-Tour BMX Bike

I had this bike listed about 2 weeks ago, and the buyer never paid. Do not send me an offer, unless you are willing to pay for it. Thanks in advance.

This is a 1987 Dyno D-Tour BMX Bike. The serial number is KS87 283583.

This bike has been ridden over the years and shows wear. Most of the parts on the bike have some scuffs, scrapes or scratches on them, but nothing major. The frame does not have any visible dents.

The bike has the following parts:

GT sprocket, GT Peddals "one reflector is missing", GT Handlebars, GT Performer White Wheels "The front has a small hair line in it, but it is very solid", Dyno Frame "measures 18.5 inches from the bottom of the seat to the middle of the sprocket, Dyno seat, and front and back Odyssey breaks "Back says 1999 BMX on them.

One of the pegs are missing, and I am not sure of the maker.

The decals read Rippin, The middle one has a pink looking creature on a bike, and the third reads I don't get mad, I get even. The Dyno Tour decal has 100% 4130 CRMO Tube on it.

Tires measure 20 x 1.75, and are made by Cheng Shin Tyre.

The Cheng Shin Tyre Tires are in great shape, and look to have only been ridden only a couple of times, if at all !!!!

I am not an expert on these so if you have questions, please ask. No returns will be accepted,

Shipping will be $50.00 regardless of area in the US. That covers professional packaging, and shipping expenses.

Bike is boxed and ready for shipping.

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