1988 Remote Fire Engine # 55 By New Bright Ind. & Co.

This is a 1988 remote fire truck # 55 made by New Bright Ind. & Co, Ltd. It's in great working order. It has the remote attached to it, and with this remote you can sound the siren, light up the emergency lights and spot light on the top of the cab. You can make the fire truck go forward and backward and also turn the wheels to the right or left. The ladder also moves by using the remote. The ladder will go up and down, extend out and retrack. You can also rotate the ladder to the right and left. This truck does it all!. It is 26 1/2" long and 5 1/2" wide. The remote cord from the truck to the remote is about 7ft 4" long. The truck appears to have all its stickers intact and the red and black on the engine is in excellent condition. The silver on the truck is scratched in places and even appears to be rubbed off in some places. I'm sure you could touch it up with silver model paint and make it look like new. It has some scratches on the front windshield also. This is a great find for any child small or big! Remember it is used so it does have scratches but nothing appears to be missing or broken. Batteries are included. Please ask any questions you may have. Thanks for looking. :)