1988-A $1 WEB Note Run 12 F-N Block Plates 5/4

1988-A $1 WEB Note Run 12 F-N Block Plates 5/4
This is a 1988-A series $1 Web Press Note. All Web Notes from the 1988-A series are very desirable and this crisp uncirculated example is from the scarce F-N block, Run 12, plates 5/4. PCGS gave this beautiful note a Very Choice New 64 with Premium Paper Quality! And... when you buy one item, everything else you buy that day is shipped FREE!!!
What is a Web Note?...

The Web Note was the US Government's last ditch effort to make the production of the One Dollar Bill cost effective. A Web-Fed Press was built which printed one dollar notes on a roll , much like a newspaper. Traditional methods of printing US Paper Money is on flat sheets. This press was eventually completed and produced a limited number of notes while simultaneously printing sheet fed notes on the traditional presses. The notes printed on the "Alexander-Hamilton Web-Fed Press" were produced for the following series: 1988-A, 1993, and 1995. The Press cost Hundreds of Millions of Dollars! Of course, the US Government and US Taxpayers picked up the tab. The vast amount of errors, and instability of the press led the government to abandon the entire project and sell the equipment for scrap metal! A Web-Fed Note is a product of this press and is considered RARE!

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