1989 Richard Olma Floral Art Glass Paperweight - NR!

This is a gorgeous floral paperweight by the late Chicago artist Richard Olma. Olma's works have earned him a placed among the upper echelon of American glass artists and are prized collectibles.

Olma's mastery is evident in glass crafted into subtly-shaded, delicate flowers that they almost appear to painted in watercolor! Notice the photo on the black background. These are actually formed glass flowers, not painted! If you'll look at the base of the flower in the upper right (as is the case with all three flowers), you'll see the bulb of glass from which each delicate petal was shaped!

This weight features three flowers, beautifully shaded from the slightest blush to full pink, and vines and leaves of complementing tranluscent blues and greens. You'll note in your research that, of the very few Olma weights currently available on the market, nearly all feature orange flowers -- while some pinks are available, they are much more scarce. Of course, the weight is signed and dated on the polished base "Richard Olma 1989".

This gem is approximately 2.25 inches tall, 3.5 inches in diameter, and weighs in at about 1 lb., 1 oz.

The weight is in very nice condition with only some very light wear.

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