RARE 1989 Singer Sewing Machine Model 24 The Automatic Hand Painted

EXTREMELY RARE FIND!!!! Singer Sewing Machine Model 24 "The Singer Automatic" Serial #15458302 Manufactured date: August 2, 1989 Hand Painted Cornflower Design According to the Singer Co. this is one of the rarest sewing machines they ever made There were only 4,000 machines like this made! (per phone call to Singer Co.) Feel free to call Singer -- they will research any sewing machine by serial # for you :) Wheel turns - needle moves Some "pitting" or slight rusting 90% of hand painting is still complete - some wear marks probably from carrying Truly an antique at over 100+ years old!!! Please see pictures for accurate condition NO RESERVE!!!
Comments From the Internet:
This is a very early Model 24, called "The Automatic". The decals here are the hand painted "cornflower" design. This machine dates from the turn of the century. This is the simplest form of sewing machine ; it has neither shuttle nor bobbin, no tensions to adjust and the machine is ready for stitching when the needle is threaded. It makes the single-thread chain stitch. It has many points of preference that are obvious when it is compared with similar machines of other makes.
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