1989 Upper Deck Seattle Mariners Team Set Griffey Rook

This is a great team set from the 1989 Upper Deck Baseball set featuring the future hall of famer Rookie card of Ken Griffey Jr.!!!!
You get #1 Ken Griffey Jr., 28 Mike Schooler, 105 Alvin Davis, 111 Steve Balboni, 123 Mike Moore, 134 Henry Cotto, 142 Mike Jackson, 208 Rod Scurry, 220 Jay Buhner, 226 Scott Bradley, 238 Bruce Fields, 249 Harold Reynolds, 316 Scott Bankhead, 318 Mario Diaz, 320 Dave Valle, 337 Mike Campbell, 339 Darnell Coles, 508 Rey Quinones, 526 Mark Langston, 529 Jerry Reed, 547 Rich Renteria, 550 Mickey Brantley, 604 Gene Walter, 623 Bill Swift, 642 Jim Presley, 680 Alvin Davis TC - Seattle Mariners, 766 Erik Hanson RC, 768 Edgar Martinez, 770 Greg Briley, 787 Omar Vizquel RC and 789 Jeffrey Leonard. These grade at nrmt. The Griffey Rookie card in the scan is the actual card you will receive.
Winner pays $2.00 postage for 1st team set and $0.50 for each additional team set.
If paying by Paypal shipping discount only applies if you make one payment for all team sets won.