1991 Dreamsicle Cherubs limited Edition

I purchased the 10" limited edition Cherub for $50.00 in 1991 and the three laying on their side in the front I purchased around the same time. All but the snow globe cherub have real dried flowers on their heads.

***The 10" Limited Edition cherub actualy signed by Kristin and is number70 or 10,000 hand crafted (I have never seen one like it and I bought it mysef, new in california at a small gift shop) ***

The Dreamsicles range was created by creator artist Kristin Haynes, and in 2001 celebrated their tenth anniversary.
They were initially produced by their creator Kristin Haynes, but the initial range of cherubs, bunnies and other characters were an immediate success and Kristin was unable to keep up with demand.
She turned to Cast Art Industries, who were producing the various ranges of Dreamsicles until 2003, when Willitts Designs acquired the brand.